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Introducing CodableAI - your personal programming assistant. Effortlessly manage GitHub repositories and tackle coding challenges with AI-powered code writing and assistance. Simplify your workflow, boost your productivity, and let CodableAI be the hero of your coding journey.


Are you tired of spending hours stuck on coding problems?

Get lightning-fast solutions to your development queries and expert code writing assistance that boosts your productivity and workload. Say goodbye to the frustrating hours spent debugging and welcome a smarter, a more efficient way to code with CodableAI – your ultimate programming assistant.

Write Code

"Codable, write a JavaScript function to retrieve the current local time based on a given timezone."

Answer Questions

"Codable, how do I encrypt a value passed through a Laravel Controller function using a key stored in the .env file?"

Features & Benefits

Transform your programming experience with CodableAI

Code Writing Assistance

CodableAI offers expert AI code writing assistance that streamlines your programming process and helps you achieve your coding goals faster

Debug with AI Assistance

Get lightning-fast solutions to your development queries and eliminate the frustration of debugging with the help of CodableAI's advanced AI capabilities.

Reference Data

CodableAI's advanced AI algorithms can generate accurate reference data based on your code and questions. Helping you to deepen your understanding and master complex programming concepts

AI Chat Assistant

Get instant help with your coding questions using CodableAI's smart chatbot, providing quick solutions and guidance to make programming easier and more efficient.

Web based AI code creator and editor

CodeBuilder empowers you to easily create entire codebases with a simple prompt. While also allowing natural language code edits and modifications after the creation.

AI Powered Code Creation

Effortlessly generate pristine code for your projects by providing a simple prompt to our cutting-edge AI. Experience seamless and efficient coding solutions tailored to your requirements, supercharging your development process.

Smart Code Modification

Elevate your code to new heights with AI-powered suggestions that optimize both performance and readability. Witness the transformative power of our intelligent algorithms as they refine your existing codebase to its utmost potential.


Experience the power of our services without any upfront cost

Compute Credits

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Begin your journey with 75,000 compute credits, absolutely free. Need more power? Easily boost your capabilities with our affordable credits at only $1 per 50,000 credits.

Unlock your potential with our services:
✓ AI Chat - Your personalized programming assistant
✓ Code Query - Instant, precise code assistance
✓ Code Builder - Innovative AI-powered GitHub Code Editor

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We offer different pricing plans, each of which includes a specific number of compute credits per month (either 500,000 or 1,000,000, depending on the plan). For instance, running a Code Query involving code function writing and reference data may require approximately 1000-1500 credits. The exact usage depends on the volume of text you're working with: more text manipulation means more compute credits used. Please feel free to reach out if you have further queries.

  • CodableAI is a service that leverages the power of ChatGPT and our own proprietary tools. It aids developers by providing accurate code writing assistance and resolving coding-related inquiries swiftly, thereby saving time and effort.

  • CodableAI can help you in numerous ways. It can facilitate better code writing, promptly resolve your coding problems, and provide code examples for learning. It's akin to having an ever-present coding assistant.

  • Absolutely. CodableAI is a trustworthy AI solution. Trained on extensive code-related data, it utilizes this knowledge to deliver precise and beneficial answers to your coding inquiries. It's comparable to having an experienced coding expert at your disposal.

  • Yes! Besides helping developers write code and resolve code-related questions, CodableAI can also serve as a learning resource. Our AI reference generator provides links to documentation, thereby deepening your understanding of your code. Interacting with CodableAI can enhance your grasp of programming concepts, best practices, and common coding problems, helping you refine your coding skills over time.

  • No. We use the OpenAI API, which complies with stringent guidelines regarding user data use and storage. As of March 31, 2023, OpenAI retains customer API data for 30 days but does not use it to enhance or train its models. You can find more information on OpenAI's data usage policy here. CodableAI keeps customer query data for 180 days for convenience, but we don't use this data to improve or train our models. You have the option to share data with us for model training, but by default, your data is not shared. We at CodableAI highly value your privacy and adhere to all pertinent data protection regulations to ensure your data is secure and responsibly used. You can view our Privacy Policy here.